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Quintessence: Three Visions, 2014, an exhibition catalog with essays by Kim Stanley Robinson, David S. Rubin, Michael S. Schneider, John Sims and Amina Eagle.

Karyn Meyer-Bethel writes "Artist Spotlight: P.C.Turczyn" for the Dynasty Brush blog.

Renee Phillips publishes "P.C.Turczyn Explains Her Healing Art" in the Celebrate the Healing Power of Art blog, March 2014.

Renee Phillips on artistic collaboration in the September/October, 2013 issue of Professional Artist magazine.

Elynne Allenson on artists who infuse their artwork with Reiki for the Winter 2013 edition of Reiki News Magazine.

Renee Phillips on "Artist P.C.Turczyn and Poet Faybiene Miranda: A Healing Collaboration" in the June 25, 2013 edition of the Celebrate the Healing Power of Art blog.

Renee Phillips on "22 Golden Rules for Saving Time" in Professional Artist magazine.

Renee Phillips on "Using Mandalas in Healthcare: featured artist, Pamela Turczyn" in the January 13 edition of the Celebrate the Healing Power of Art blogspot.

"Pamela Turczyn: Art in Support of Energy Healing" March/April 2012 issue of Spirituality & Health's "Opening/a New Way of Seeing" five page spread. 

Beth Lowell on "The results are in! The Reiki Digest's focus group analysis - Does art help the healing process?" for The Reiki Digest.  A diverse group of Reiki practitioners worked with my Reiki mandala and filled out survey questions about their experience.

P.C.Turczyn writes about her creative process in "Reiki: the Infinite Field" for The Reiki Digest.

Beth Lowell on "Reiki, Healing and Art - the Exhibit" for The Reiki Digest.

Gaye Abbott on "The Sacred Geometry of Life" for Breathing Spaces

Susan Happersett on "The Cartesian MathArt Hive Exhibition", The Bowery Poetry Club, New York 2009-2010" for the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts.   

Lillian Sizemore on "The Visionary Stylings of P.C.Turczyn" for the SF Mosaic blog.

 D.D.Lombardi for Culture Catch. 

Amina Eagle for Omega Institute E-newsletter.



H.A.N.D.S. (a community newsletter for a complementary currency network in Golden Bay, New Zealand) December, 2014 featured "Infinite Creativity."

NY Spirit Fall 2014 featured "Infinite Patience."

NY Spirit Summer 2014 featured "Infinite Passion, Power & Purpose" on the cover and on an inside page with text by Carolyn Campora.

NY Spirit Spring 2014 featured "Infinite Life" on the back page.

NY Spirit Winter 2013 featured "Squaring the Circle: Heaven in Earth."

NY Spirit Fall 2013 featured "Infinite Inspiration" on the cover and on an inside page with a breath awareness practice by Gaye Abbott.

NY Spirit Summer 2013 featured "Infinite Health" on an inside page along with the poetic response by Faybiene Miranda.

NY Spirit Spring 2013 featured "Kundalini" on the cover.

Renee Phillips on "22 Golden Rules for Saving Time" in Professional Artist Magazine July/August 2012 features "Infinite Creativity."

New York Spirit, Fall 2012 issue featured "Infinite Compassion" with the accompanying meditation.

New York Spirit, Summer 2012 issue, featured "Infinite Creativity" on its cover and "Unconditional Love" on an inside page.

The Park Slope Reader, Summer 2012 issues featured "Big Top Mandala" on its cover.

The Park Slope Reader, Spring 2012 issue, features "Infinite Surrender" on its cover.

Physikos Movement monthly newsletter featured P.C.Turczyn's artwork all of 2012.

"Revolution. Revelation. The 2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves" by Eric Francis, astrologer, featured 13 artworks by P.C.Turczyn.

Eric Francis' "January Horoscope for 2012" for Chronogram Magazine.

Holistic Primary Care Spring 2011 issue features three paintings.  Summer 2011 features one painting.

The Mandala Book: Patterns of the Universe by Lori Bailey Cunningham, Sterling Publishing, 2010.

The painting "Incremental Change" is on the CD cover and, in animated interpretation, on the website of African jazz band,  Source.

Artist, Fred Casselman's Sharing Gallery:Earthecho.



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