Ancient teachings and quantum theory teach us that the universe is made up of vibrations consisting of light, sound and information. I believe that everything carries a unique identifying vibration, somewhat like a genetic code. By using geometry as expressed in nature, light, color, rhythm, sound and intention, I imbue my paintings with vibratory codes to inspire viewers. The icons emerge from meditations, dreams and synchronicity related to a metaphysical theme.

Gilded paintings are built with numerous layers of resin interspersed with gold leaf, pigments, powdered bronze, mica, mother-of-pearl or abalone.






 a print series of floral mandalas



The series came about in answer to two questions: "How can my work benefit the greatest number of people? and "How can visual art support the healing process?"  The circular, mandalic format represents integrity, interconnection and perfection.  Each mandala conveys a quality essential to wellbeing: hope, vitality, compassion, unconditional love and creativity, among others.  The mandalas are floral because initial Evidence Based Design research indicates that nature motifs have the greatest benefits for hospitial patients.  Sacred Geometry overlays reveal the underlying order and balance found in nature,  a source of comfort and inspiration.


Digitally printed with archival quality inks on heavy weight acid-free Hahnemuhle paper, the master printers at The Highland Studio, Cold Spring, NY and New York City's Lower East Side Printmaking Workshop are able to duplicate my gouache on watercolor paper originals almost exactly.  The mandalas are available in editions of 50, with or without hand applied metal leaf accents.


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